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Intel promises widget-lovin' internet TV set-top-boxes at CES

Darren Murph

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Okay, so we suppose Intel could actually just showcase its widget-lovin' chip within an HDTV, HTPC or Blu-ray player, but our money is on prototype set-top-boxes similar to the Gigabyte unit that was showcased at IDF (and pictured above). Since that original showing, quite a bit has happened on the internet TV front. Practically all of the major STBs have integrated web content into their dashboards, and what was once the exception (one-click access to Hulu and Twitter from a TV-connected deck) has rapidly become the rule. To that end, Intel's hoping to wow onlookers at CES 2009 with early build devices that run mini-applications meant to "complement TV viewing with information from the internet." Not surprisingly, it'll also use Vegas as a springboard for introducing content partners, and hopefully, a few release dates. Seriously Intel, we need another STB by our television about like we need another hole in the ozone layer, so this better be good.

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