Two full games highlight the European PSN update today. Crash Commando makes its worldwide debut and we finally catch up with America slightly by receiving Soldner-X. That's all well and good, but where's Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars, Penny Arcade, Street Fight II Turbo HD Remix and Lumines? As for add-ons there are the normal musical offerings, along with the first LittleBigPlanet construction pack. Here's the full release list:

Playable Content
  • Crash Commando (£7.99/€??)
  • Soldner-X Himmelssturmer (£7.99/€??)
Add-on Content
  • LittleBigPlanet "Festive Goodies" level kit (£2.39/€??)
  • LittleBigPlanet "Santa Hat and Beard" costume (free)
  • Everybody's Golf: World Tour "Pirate Plus Four" costume pack (£3.19/€??)
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm "Storm Pack 3" (free)
  • Guitar Hero World Tour DLC (listed after the break)
  • Rock Band DLC (listed after the break)

  • Prince of Persia Developer Diary 4
  • Shoot! episode 5 - "8.3 minutes"
Themes and Wallpapers
  • Savage Moon theme
  • 6x Loco Roco 2 wallpapers
  • 2x Soldner-X wallpapers
  • Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway wallpaper
Rock Band DLC

Country Pack (£5.25/€??)
  • Brad Paisley - "Mud on the Tires" (£0.99)
  • Brooks & Dunn - "Hillbilly Deluxe" (£0.99)
  • Dierks Bentley - "Free & Easy (Down the Road I Go)" (£0.99)
  • Dixie Chicks - "Sin Wagon" (£0.99)
  • Miranda Lambert - "Gunpowder & Lead" (£0.99)
Guitar Hero World Tour DLC

Eagles Track Pack (£4.39/€??)
  • Frail Grasp On The Big Picture (£1.59)
  • Life In The Fast Lane (£1.59)
  • One Of These Nights (£1.59)

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