We already saw the UK version of Sharp's limited edition XS1 LCD HDTV hit the review bench, but for Americans wondering if their version (that's the 52-inch LC-52XS1U-S) is any different, here's your sign. Reviewers at PC Mag were able to get the $11,999 (list price) set into the labs for testing, and while the contrast and HD detail were both lauded, the overall package just didn't warrant such a stratospheric sticker. In fact, critics asserted that the unit actually "required professional setup [read: calibration]" in order to achieve results that were even close to desirable, and while there are a lot of details behind it, we think this all-compassing quote pretty much settles things: the flagship LC-52XS1U-S is "like a cool science experiment gone awry." Steer clear, people.