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Sony's MHS-CM1 and MHS-PM1 Webbie HD cams teach your kids to upload

Darren Murph

Tired of seeing your child come home from school in tears, only to find that all the cool cats in the playground were telling him / her to get a real pocket camcorder if they wanted to join the clique? Never fear, as Sony has just introduced two new Webbie HD cameras for giving your youngsters the chance to capture spontaneous moments in glorious high-def. The MHS-CM1 and MHS-PM1 both grab live action video in 1,440 x 1,080/30p and take stills at 5 megapixels; uploading the MP4 results are said to be a snap thanks to the embedded software that handles most of the hard work. They're available in two designs and three "stylish" colors (eggplant, orange and silver), and while the CM1 (available now for $200) gets gifted with a 2.5-inch swivel LCD and a 5x optical zoom, the four-ounce PM1 (ships in April for $170) goes screenless and sticks to a 4x digital zoom.

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