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Dell Adamo hands-on! (Update: now with video!)

Nilay Patel

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Looks like our puppy-dog eyes have served us well yet again -- we just got to spend some time with Dell's ultra-hot Adamo. It's really small, less than an inch thick, we'd say -- and although we didn't measure, we'd say that 13-inch screen rumor was spot on. "Adamo" is actually the brand, like Inspiron -- this is just the first machine that'll be out. We weren't allowed to boot it up or do much of anything except take pictures, but it's built really, really, well -- and it's a total smudge magnet, with a super-glossy display and a shiny black panel like the Studio XPS series on the lid. Expansion-wise, we spotted three USB ports and an eSATA jack, and the power adapter is crazy small, with a removable plug for international use. The design is somewhat reminiscent of the Envy 133 with its squared-off shape, but it's still very unique, and while we didn't put in any serious time on the keyboard, it felt solid enough. Here's the problem, though -- we have no idea what's actually inside this gorgeous case, and until we do, it's just another pretty face. Hopefully Dell comes clean on specs and pricing sometime soon -- we'd love for there to be some muscle under that hood. We're headed back to the trailer to up a video, check back!

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