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Smartfish Pro:Motion Keyboard prevents carpal tunnel syndrome, bops 'round your desk


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Take it from us, kids. Computer use -- with its carpal tunnel-wrecking input devices, spine-bending office chairs and eye-straining displays -- can wreak havoc on the body of even the healthiest young blogger. And even though there are a million products out there to help us work in a more ergonomically correct fashion, many of them seem just plain silly. If you're looking for something that actually looks like it belongs on a desk, however, be sure to check out the Smartfish Pro:Motion Keyboard. Pretty standard gear, except that it's outfitted with motors that subtly shift the keyboard's angle throughout the day -- ostensibly eliminating the cause of repetitive stress injuries. If this weren't enough, the device can track your typing speed and self-adjusts its angle and separation according to your needs. There have been no clinical trials for the device yet, but if you're desperate for relief -- or feeling daredevilish -- you're not gonna let that stop ya, right?

[Via Everything USB]

Read: Pro:Motion Peripherals [caution: PDF]

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