T-Mobile launches downmarket HTC Touch Viva as MDA Basic

T-Mobile Germany's MDA Basic is just that friends, a no muss no fuss affair for those looking for more than a feature phone -- at least in some regards -- can offer, at bargain basement prices. We've covered all the details on the HTC Touch Viva set, but to refresh it includes a 2 megapixel camera, GSM / EDGE, TouchFLO 2D, WiFi, and even GPS. It's a bit mad that basic sets now includes things we only could dream about a couple years ago, GPS in a $6 Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro device is always OK with us. This set should stumble into retail in early February for about €4.95 (roughly $6.50) on a two year contract.

Update: I guess adding Germany would help folks figure out where they can pick this thing up, huh? Thanks Matt.