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Arsenal fans could catch replays, live action on Sony's PSP

Darren Murph

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As we're confident that you know, one of the biggest downsides to catching an event in-stadium is the inability to see instant replays. Oh sure, a few venues play back sequences for the fanatics in attendance, but you'll still get a much better angle from the comfort of your own couch. English soccer club Arsenal is hoping to remove that obstacle from fans' minds by testing out an instant replay system with Sony's PSP. In theory, at least, a Sony-developed application would enable patrons to "watch live streaming video of a game, along with data and statistics, and provide the ability to watch near-instant replays." 'Course, we've already seen Bluetooth added to venues and a similar system as this installed at Safeco Field, but we still envision this being a hit if it's really rolled out within 18 months as planned.

[Image courtesy of Panstadia]

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