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WiiKey's new DriveKey frees 'unhackable' Wiis with zero fuss


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At this point, we're sorta surprised you can't just look askance at a Wii and set it to running homebrew with your penetrating gaze alone -- it seems like everything else has been accomplished in the hacking, modding and general humiliation of Nintendo's little console. Brought to us by the WiiKey folks, DriveKey is a wire-free, solder-free, brain-free method for hacking any Wii on the market, especially those pesky new ones with "epoxy" drives or the dreaded hack-proof "D3" drives. DriveKey acts as a simple passthrough for the DVD connector cable, tweaking certain functions to allow for a bit more freedom in your Wii experience. Unfortunately, DriveKey limits the DVD drive to 2x read speeds, which might make certain games unplayable, and it also can't be flash upgraded, unlike the WiiKey before it, to add more functionality or fend off a theoretical hack-buster update from Nintendo -- though this hasn't proved much of a problem for similar hacks. The chips go for around $70. Install videos after the break.

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