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Real life Halo Warthog goes for a test drive


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One lucky writer over at OXM got his hands on a working Warthog -- yes, of Halo fame -- and he was good enough to snap some pics for us, even though we suspect that he's actually rubbing 'em in our faces. Because seriously, this is one helluva ride. And seriously, we're like totally jealous. Based on a Nissan Patrol 4x4 truck platform and built for Peter Jackson's abandoned Halo film, this is not a prop -- rather, its a fully working beast. The six-cylinder, diesel, automatic bad boy sports full four-wheel drive, a custom chassis, and for the lucky driver they do have a set or two of United Nations Space Command Marine armor available. This vehicle is currently billeted in New Zealand, so if you're in the area stop in and ask for a ride. What could it hurt? And tell 'em Engadget sent you. More pics after the break.

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