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Steorn returns, promises to open Orbo specs, give you a pony

Nilay Patel

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The last time we heard from Steorn, the company had just joined a long line of optimistic but doomed people and companies unable to actually demo free-energy tech when put the test -- and although the Orbo didn't actually do anything, CEO Sean McCarthy promised us that we'd eventually get a working demo with physical access to the device. Well, it's over a year later, and Steorn's back -- with no demo in sight. Shocking! Instead, the company's selling SteornLab testing equipment to other organizations working on magic fairy-power rotary and magnetic systems, and it's also got plans to sell something called "ZeroF passive magnetic bearings" later this year -- we'd assume ZeroF means "zero friction," which is nicely impossible and totally in line with basically everything Steorn stands for. To convince you that this isn't all an elaborate sham, Steorn's also setting up the "SKDB," a knowledge base containing all the secrets of the Orbo, which will initially be open to 300 engineers and then sometime later to the general public. This, of course, sounds like an elaborate sham. Here's a hint, guys -- instead of the cheesy video of people sitting around talking about the Orbo, maybe shoot a video of it actually producing more power than it uses. Or, you know, admit the truth. Whatever works for you.

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