It seems Canadian megacarrier Rogers Wireless is sponsoring Ottawa's Winterlude Festival right now, effectively incorporating the two things that come to mind when we think of Canada -- ice and BlackBerrys -- into a single exhibit. So much for that warranty, eh?

Chris: "Shortly before being packaged for sale, RIM attempts to remove bugs from the Storm's firmware using a 20G centrifuge."
Thomas: "Camerica explorers surprised to discover cryogenically preserved device with OS superior to Windows Mobile 14."
Nilay: "And you thought the browser was glacial."
Don: "Miley Cyrus' request for some 'iced-out BlackBerrys' didn't translate so well north of the border."
Paul: "The next firmware update is rumored to include a hammer and a chisel."
Jacob: "Must've been one heck of a Storm."
Darren: "I asked for a chilled blackberry martini, and got this."
Ross: "Not to be outdone, Telus has encased a Curve 8350i inside Vanilla Ice. Turn off the lights and his stomach might glow."
Sean: "RIM's metaphorical take on the 'new reality' of modern smartphones"
Joe: "It's a little too big for curling, but it does do SMS."
Josh: "David Blaine: BlackBerry user."

[Thanks, Bryan W. F.]

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