Intellon ships 26 million HomePlug-based Powerline ICs -- who's buying?

Intellon, the outfit responsible for providing HomePlug-compatible integrated circuits for all manners of applications, is pretty jovial today. Just this month, it surpassed the 26 million mark in terms of IC shipments, which have apparently gone to manufacturers of home networking, networked entertainment, Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) and smart grid equipment. While all that may be fine and dandy, we're wondering just how many people outside of Intellon (and its tightest group of friends) actually care. To date, HomePlug is still struggling for recognition outside of the hardcore custom install market, and with wireless technologies gaining traction each day, we're left to wonder if HomePlug even has a shot at a second (or are we at third now?) life. Anywho, don't let us halt the party, but Intellon might want to divert some of that celebration cash to marketing.

[Image courtesy of PCW]