Vidanti chooses Intellon to offer HD IPTV via Powerline

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.09.07

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Vidanti chooses Intellon to offer HD IPTV via Powerline
Vidanti is hoping to shake things up in the HD IPTV game by offering up a product line devoted to networking your HD streaming home devices without laying down for fancy new cabling and a weekend's worth of installation charges. The company has chosen to base its forthcoming lineup on Intellon's INT6000 HomePlug AV, which utilizes the power lines already ran throughout your home to distribute HD audio / video. Intellon claims that its technology beneath the hood will allow Vidanti's product line to realize 200Mbps, but we all know that transferring bits and bytes through the power lines hasn't exactly lived up to expectations. Nevertheless, Vidanti is now hoping to "offer service providers an HD IP set-top box (pictured) whose power and connectivity to the broadband gateway are both supplied through a standard power cord," and if all goes as planned, it should be listed under its future BBTV4000 lineup of goods.
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