We saw a Touch Diamond2 running old-skool Windows Mobile 6.1 this morning -- and don't get us wrong, the hardware's pretty hot, but who really wants that noise when we've got the same thing running Windows Mobile 6.5 a few blocks away? Shortly after the fanfare of Microsoft's press conference today, we were ushered downstairs for a walkthrough on a freshly-flashed Touch Diamond2 of virtually everything that makes 6.5 different from the versions before it, and while we're not blown away by the sheer freshness or paradigm-shiftyness of what we're seeing here, it's a totally acceptable bump of 0.4 in the version number. Let's put it this way: we still have a burning desire in our hearts and our loins for 7.0, whenever that happens. Follow the break for video and some key highlights!
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Windows Mobile 6.5 walkthrough

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