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Nintendo's DSi planning a European tour ahead of US release

Tim Stevens

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If you're still feeling all giddy about getting your mitts on a DSi here in the States on April 5th, prepare for a bit of a downer. Nintendo Europe has just announced gamers within its territories be getting the multi-screen multi-cam wonder a full two days earlier, on April 3rd, but hasn't said how much they'll be paying for the privilege. Also, while we're stuck with black and a rather cheeky baby blue, Euro gamers will be getting the more stolid/boring color selection of black or white, which may be good or bad depending on your monochromatic tendencies. Regardless, whether you're domestic or abroad, you'd best get your pre-orders in now.

Update: LostProphet commented to say that it's showing up for pre-order abroad at £149.99, or about $214. That's quite a premium for a few days worth of exclusivity.

[Via Nowhere Else]

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