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Expansys puts Nokia N86 up for pre-order, gives it a release date

Laura June

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If our trusty old, leaky friends at Expansys are to be believed, European markets can expect to see Nokia's N86 handset on or about July 22, 2009. This would seem to be in line with the Q2 2009 estimate we'd previously heard, though the Expansys price -- €659.99 (about $853) -- is a lot higher than the €375 quote we've heard. Either way, the dual-slider boasts an 8MP camera with a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, AutoFocus, a mechanical shutter and a dual-LED flash, and is sure to be an eye-popper for cameraphone buffs when it does appear. Expansys has the N86 up on site and available for pre-order right now, if you simply cannot wait until this summer.

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