Yeah, we're smitten. We couldn't tell you what Dell's doing here that they haven't managed in the last 100,000 XPS desktop designs, but whatever it is we want to buy it flowers and CryEngine 2-powered games. The new Studio XPS 435 landed on Dell's site a couple days ago, and is now available for configuration and sale. The "base model" sports a 2.66GHz Core i7-920 processor, 3GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 3650 256MB graphics card. Things of course rise dramatically from there -- you can add another grand to the pricetag by bumping the processor alone, and the 24GB of RAM option is a nice $1,500 addition -- but we'd say the base model is a pretty solid start. Dell's quoting a March 19th ship date, but that's just "preliminary" at the moment.

[Via DesktopReview]
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Dell Studio XPS 435