SFIV Tiger Uppercuts PC this summer, may include Mad Catz fighting stick

For our PC brethren that have been watching 2 million console gamers with envious eyes, know that your time will come, uh, months from now, as Capcom has dropped word that Street Fighter IV could be arriving on the PC as soon as this summer. Capcom vice president of business development, Christian Svensson, even says that Capcom has been in talks with Mad Catz to bundle one of those SFIV fight sticks with the game. "I'm in talks with Mad Catz to figure out how can we actually do some bundles of pads and Street Fighter IV PC," said Christian.

However, a release date of "this summer" isn't even set in stone for the game. When asked about the PC version's release, Christian merely responded by saying, "Let's say summer." We have a feeling a lot of PC gamers have some choice words for Christian, but we remember what our teachers told us about assuming.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.