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Microsoft does the unthinkable, reveals own Notebook Cooling Base

Darren Murph

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and while we can't say with any level of certainty that Microsoft Hardware engineers weren't toiling away on this laptop cooling stand back in the heyday that was 2005, we highly doubt that's the case. For whatever reason, Microsoft is boldly entering a new category of accessories with the introduction of the USB-powered Notebook Cooling Base, which sports a built-in fan and cooling channel to prevent overheating. The whole thing is just 1.16 inches thick, and there's even a cable management clip if you find yourself in need. In somewhat related news, we're also being greeted by a new Special Edition line of Arc Mouses (mice?), which arrive in frost white, eggplant purple, deep olive green and marine blue. As for pricing, you can expect the breezy pad to land this July for $29.95, while the critters are available later this month for $49.95 a pop.