Casio's high-speed EX-FS10 bursts into stores a little later and pricier than expected
Looking to get some bodacious slow-mo shots of your latest kick-flip? Maybe fake a moon landing or two? Or, how about taking some blurry 9.1 megapixel pictures through a 3x non-stabilized zoom lens? All this can be yours, dear readers, later this month when Casio launches the EX-FS10 point-and-shoot, capable of capturing full-res video at 30fps or cut-rate 224 x 64 footage at a whopping 1000fps. If you don't mind pasty cameras (and live in Japan) you can buy yourself one in white on March 27. Red and gray versions will ship a few weeks later, on April 10, all for around $450.

[Via Impress]