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iPhone OS 3.0 firmware unearths new iPhones and new iPod touches?

Chris Ziegler

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We'd already heard that evidence of a new iPhone model was found buried in newer firmwares, but how about two new iPhone models -- along with a couple new iPod touches thrown in for good measure? It seems that a careful deconstruction of the beta 3.0 build provided to developers this week has uncovered the same product code "iPhone2,1" found before in addition to an even newer, awesomer "iPhone3,1." For the record, the iPhone 3G is identified as "iPhone1,2," so these alleged new models would be the first in the iPhone line to be blessed with major version number increments. Turning our attention to the iPod touch, the current model carries the "iPod2,1" designation, but models "iPod2,2" and "iPod3,1" have both been rooted out of the binary. June is widely speculated as the time that we'd be seeing new iPhone models -- right about the time that 3.0 is released to the general public -- so we don't have terribly long to wait to get this sorted out.

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