We'll let you in on a little secret: we find the constant stream of Star Wars-inspired you-name-it to be a little, shall we say... played? That said, this R2D2 casemod is totally, impressively rad. Made from a grabage can, it's obviously a labor of love, and the results are insanely "real" looking -- yup, that's Artoo-Deetoo, hanging out in that guy's humble abode. This droid's got a webcam, speakers, LEDs -- all the good stuff you'd expect from a highly detailed piece of nerdery, and if you're action-oriented, you can make one of your very own for roughly $150. Hit the read link for tons of photos and detailed instructions. One more shot of the little dude after the break.


R2D2 casemod is affordable, convincing evidence of our continued love for old sci-fi epic