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Glacier's Ridgeline W200 wrist PC says 'You're SPECIAL'


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This isn't the first time we've laid our eyes upon a wrist-worn PC, but if you're in the market for something ultraportable, you might want to check this bad boy out. Brought to you by Glacier Computer, the Ridgeline W200 is a wearable refresh of the company's vehicle-mounted Ridgeline family. With a case constructed out of a high strength, low weight reinforced magnesium alloy, the 10.2 ounce machine sports a 3.5-inch color display, touch screen, backlit keypad, hot swappable battery pack, and plug-and-play support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS modules. Available in Windows CE or Linux flavors, the system integrates such features as tilt and silent reckoning for putting the device in standby when its not in use, and will remarkably make you feel like your entire life is a quest in Fallout 3. Now all we have to do is find some super mutants, a radscorpion or two, and a nest of unsuspecting raiders. Should be no trouble at all.

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