Dell's done good things for the mainstream of the netbook market with its Mini 10 series, keeping prices low and quality relatively high, and now it looks like that ever-alluring educational market is next on the table. The new Latitude 2100, which we've spotted previously, harbors traditional netbook internals, with kid-friendly perks like colorful lids and a rugged rubberized design, along with options for a carrying handle, shoulder strap, antimicrobial keyboard, touchscreen LCD and a Dell Mobile Computing Station docking cart (which can manage and store 24 of them with a single Ethernet cable and single power cord). The netbook is going to be available today with options for Vista, XP or Ubuntu 8.10, and the base configuration retails at $369 -- though we're unsure how much cost the options like SSD, a 6-cell battery (3-cell is standard), touchscreen or Vista will be. In a perfect world, no child would have to suffer with one of those "spinning hard disks," corrupting all their Kid Pix masterpieces with every bump.
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Dell debuts colorful new Latitude 2100 netbooks for education

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