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CrunchPad unboxed, handled on video

Nilay Patel

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We heard earlier this month that the first official CrunchPad units would arrive soon, and it seems like Mike Arrington and company are making progress -- here's what looks to be semi-final hardware and packaging on video for the first time. Interestingly, the device is still plastic and somewhat chubby, not the 18mm-thick aluminum we'd heard earlier -- and whoever's in charge here won't boot it, so we've yet to see the custom Linux / WebKit OS in action. It's all due to drop in July, so we'll know what's what soon enough -- for now, check out the vid after the break.

Looks like there is a short video of it in action, so we've stuck it after the break as well. It's certainly an interesting idea, but we noticed some glitches here and there -- we'll see how cleaned up things are at launch.

Update 2: Oh, Mike Arrington. The king of all whispered rumors isn't too happy that this video went out -- he says it's not "sanctioned or official," and that "it's certainly not the launch prototype... which doesn't actually exist yet." Of course it doesn't, Mike.

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