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Surprise! Splatterhouse missing 2009, splattering in 2010

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Did you notice? Namco's now-gen Splatterhouse reboot was nowhere to be seen at this year's E3. Following the game's troubled development history, that wasn't much of a surprise to those of us in the know, but we decided to send off a query to the folks at Namco Bandai, just to make sure.

They told us, "Namco Bandai Games America Inc. is hard at work on Splatterhouse. Development is in full swing and we are committed to bringing it to the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2010. This will give us time to polish and incorporate all the content to deliver a top notch game worthy of this classic video game franchise."

So, the American development team behind Afro Samurai has taken the reins from previous developer BottleRocket (with help from some now-former BottleRocket staff), and any 2009 release window you may have heard about in the past has been smashed with a gore-soaked two-by-four. So consider this a public service announcement: you won't be splattering any houses until 2010 (or "early 2010" as Siliconera was told).

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