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Video: Nokia N97 gets a torture testing, goes great with milk

Tim Stevens

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If the opinions of two star-crossed bloggers weren't enough to sway you firmly into either the "yea" or "nay" column regarding a Nokia N97 purchase, perhaps seeing how it fares after being dunked into a bowl of corn flakes will help you make up your mind. has gone the 'ol torture test route, including of a series of scratch attempts for the screen and the body as well, plus the aforementioned test where it became a part of This Complete Breakfast. The result was an almost fully functional if slightly scuffed up handset that now has a non-working menu key and a wee bit of internal condensation, meaning you can probably get by without a screen protector or case if you hate buying accessories. But, for best results, keep this one clear of your Kellogg's.

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