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AT&T's subsidized Acer Aspire One, Dell Mini 10 and Lenovo S10 netbooks launching nationwide

Nilay Patel

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Not sure what AT&T's thinking as it takes its subsidized netbook lineup nationwide, but it just announced the Dell Mini 10, the Lenovo S10, and the 10-inch Acer Aspire One will now be sold online and in stores, priced at $200 each with your choice of two-year contract: a totally pathetic $40/mo 200MB plan or a $60/mo 5GB plan. Yeah, that's some stiff kitty for two years of XP on last year's netbook hardware -- especially since you can score the similar Compaq Mini 110 from Sprint for just 99 cents on sale with the same $60/mo 5GB data commitment. Of course, we're still standing by our suggestion that you just grab a MiFi and share the 3G love with as many machines as you can, but if these numbers somehow seem tempting sales should be starting in the next few days.

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