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Sony Alpha 850 DSLR manual pops up on Hong Kong support site

Ross Miller

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Sony's Alpha series DSLR cameras are almost notorious for how often they leak, and as is custom with an introductory assertion like that, we've got another one to show you. The company's Hong Kong support site has an instruction manual available to download for an as-of-then unknown iteration, the α850. The gang at Dyxum forums have gone through it more thoroughly than we have so far, and the Initial reaction is that it's similar to the α900 but with only three FPS, a smaller viewfinder, and still no video (unlike its competition). We've assembled some highlights from the guide, including full specs, in the gallery below. Hit up the read link to grab the full manual for yourself, but just a word of caution, even though the PDF's only 3.54MB in size, the download has proven to be rather painfully slow.

Gallery: Highlights from Sony's Alpha 850 DSLR instruction manual | 7 Photos

[Via Dyxum forums; thanks, Doug]

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