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Protesters planning second march against Army Experience Center


During this past May, a group of Philadelphians caught our attention when they led a protest march against the local "Army Experience Center," a location in the Franklin Mills Mall which uses video games (such as America's Army) to attract potential recruits. The march went off without a hitch -- tons of folks carried signs and slogans into the mall, caused a thought-provoking stir outside of the A.E.C., and seven people got arrested. Oh, wait. We guess that qualifies as a "hitch."

It seems the group is rallying for round two against the recruitment center -- they've opened a website to garner support for another protest march, which is set to commence September 12. If you're interested, the site has a lengthy list of instructions for what you should do to get ready for the march. Sticking flowers in your hair, however, is not one of the recommended steps.