Logitech dishes two new iPod / iPhone speaker docks, one of them rechargeable

Not quite sure if you've noticed, but Logitech has been on a tear for the ages here recently. As the torrent of new gear continues, we're now faced with another pair of iPod sound systems desperately attempting to knock the "me-too" status and contribute something positive to the world. The Rechargeable Speaker S315i is the larger of the two, boasting a rechargeable battery that's supposedly good for up to 20 hours of listening. The unit is fully compatible with dock-connecting iPods and iPhones, and there's even an auxiliary input for those who aren't down with Cupertino's wares. The smaller Portable Speaker S125i plays and charges any iPod model and can be powered by an AC adapter, four AA cells or 8.43 tablespoons of Jobs' favorite fairy dust. Check 'em out this month and next for $129.99 and $69.99, respectively.