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Snow Leopard shipping August 28th, says Apple's UK online store (update: US too)

Ross Miller

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We've heard whispers that Apple might be unleashing Snow Leopard to the unwashed masses a bit earlier than September, but this listing in the company's UK online store is the most concrete evidence we've seen to date. Still up as of this writing, the page clearly says Snow Leopard is shipping by next Friday, August 28th. No way to actually order it at this point and no clue whether or not this is just some glitch, but if the gang at Cupertino are really planning to launch in a week's time, we wouldn't be surprised to hear something official sooner rather than later.

Update: A pair of tipsters have revealed the same August 28th ship date for the US Up-To-Date program. Screenshot of a shipping confirmation after the break.

[Via TUAW, thanks Will G.]

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