FiOS TV expansions: August 23, 2009

Time goes by and FiOS TV just keeps on crawling along, most recently into a few more New york communities and NYU housing. Also of note in NYC is a deal to stream Yankees games over the internet, while customers everywhere can take advantage of new and newly expanded features,

Read - Verizon and YES Network Team Up to Bring Online Yankees Games to FiOS TV, Broadband Customers
Read - Verizon Wins Approval From New York University to Install FiOS Services in Faculty Housing
Read - Two Additional Central New York Communities Take Step Closer to Real TV Competition
Read - Advanced Multimedia and Remote DVR Features Now Available to FiOS TV DVR Customers
Read - More New Choices Now Available From the No. 1 Video-on-Demand Service - Verizon FiOS TV
Read - Verizon Adds Even More Interactivity to FiOS TV's Facebook and Twitter Social TV Widgets

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