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New Xbox 360 Arcade and Elite boxes shot once again in the wild, spelling doom for the middle sibling

Come on Microsoft, just fess up. We know you're killing off your middle Xbox SKU, you know you're killing off your middle SKU, so let's drop this pretense of secrecy, alright? The latest in this overwhelming heap of proof comes from tipster David R., whose local Best Buy had the two new Xbox 360 Arcade and Xbox 360 Elite SKUs in stock. He brought home the Arcade SKU and snapped some shots, while that new white-boxed Elite is still out there in his Reno store, confusing customers and blue shirts alike. Interestingly, Microsoft's announcement "pattern" was quite similar when the Arcade was originally introduced -- we actually had an unboxing of a store-bought system before it became official -- and most other 360 price cuts have been widely publicized before Microsoft gives in. At what point will this company just admit it's licked this time around and drop the official word on us already?

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