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Medion's 24-inch X9613 multitouch all-in-one PC actually looks pretty hot


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Medion has never really been our go-to manufacturer for new hotness, but we're really digging this new X9613 all-in-one model it's showing off. Even better than the sexy, the computer is fronting a 24-inch multitouch display, a miniature SideShow screen, a gloriously large physical volume knob, and a bunch of convenient media controls along the bottom. Internals aren't bad either, with a Core 2 Quad Q9000 processor and GeForce GT240M graphics. The price range, unfortunately, is rather steep at 1,499 to 1,900 Euro (about $2,142 to $2,714 US). Lucky for us, US prices are usually quite a bit lower than straight-up conversion, though there's no promised roll-out just yet to bank on. Video hands-on is after the break.

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