Logitech tests the boundaries with overpriced wireless guitar and drums for Wii

You'd never know that we're still pulling out of a recession if you took one glance at the music peripheral market. The Beatles: Rock Band bundle costs more than some game consoles, and Mad Catz is charging $300 for a genuine Fender Stratocaster that controls Rock Band on the Xbox 360. Now, Logitech is joining the whole "rob gamers blind" movement with the introduction of the Wireless Guitar Controller and Wireless Drum Controller for Nintendo's Wii. Both products are licensed for use with Guitar Hero, with the axe boasting a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and metal frets. Heck, there's even a "noise dampening strum bar and fret buttons," not to mention a touch-sensitive slider on the fretboard. The skins look all too familiar, with a trio of drum pads and a pair of cymbals to go along with the stainless steel kick pedal and its fancy adjustable spring. Naturally, you'll need to snap a Wiimote into each before mashing play, and more importantly, you'll need to empty $199.99 and / or $229.99 (respectively) from your bank account before snagging 'em this October.

[Via Joystiq]