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Acer Ferrari One hands-on, and more from AMD's VISION event

Ross Miller

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Despite the infamous logo and hot red lid, Acer's Congo-based Ferrari One "ultrathin notebook" (read: netbook) managed to blend in rather well among a number of other laptops (at least 15, by our count) on display at AMD's VISION event yesterday. The chassis felt pretty sturdy and the keys had the right amount of bounce... and we'd love to tell you more, but like all but a handful of portables on display, it was resolved to play the same video over and over again, refusing to acknowledge our key-pressed directives. We also decided to take snapshots of the entire display lineup, although more than a few here are previously-seen models -- it was pretty much just a rebranding, after all. See them all for yourself in the galleries below!

Gallery: Acer Ferrari One hands-on | 11 Photos

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