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Dell Latitude Z series to include wireless charging?


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An article appeared in Forbes the other day that we found very interesting indeed. The gist? That our current economic hiccup is ending (we'll believe that when we see it) and if Dell plays its card right it can capitalize on the imminent post-recession uptick in sales that's sure to come as companies start clamoring to tend to their long-neglected technology. And the key to such a strategy? Newer, sexier gear, such as Dell's long-rumored, not yet confirmed Latitude Z notebook. The premium machine is said to feature a 16-inch display and "most likely, advanced wireless capabilities, perhaps even wireless charging." Apparently we can expect the machine to launch within the next few weeks, at a price point that is yet to be determined -- although we're guessing it ain't going to be cheap.

[Via SlashGear]

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