The long awaited and much vilified AT&T MMS service was finally launched in the U.S. yesterday. I've scoured the Apple support boards, and it seems like it was pretty tame, with some reports of failure to get the update, failure to get the MMS functions after an update, late delivery of MMS messages, and so on.

In my own circle of friends it seemed to go OK, but most of them didn't need MMS and didn't really care about it one way or the other.

So how was it for you? The update of your dreams, or your worst nightmare?

How did the AT&T MMS release go for you?
It worked well. No problems6607 (45.7%)
It seemed slow at first, but got better2140 (14.8%)
MMS is missing some features I wanted274 (1.9%)
MMS isn't of any interest to me. I use email for sending pix2174 (15.1%)
Doesn't run on my older iPhone. I'm not happy849 (5.9%)
Slow delivery yesterday. Much better today896 (6.2%)
Not happy at all1503 (10.4%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.