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AT&T's HTC Tilt 2 handled: it's very much a Touch Pro2

Chris Ziegler

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Unlike the Pure's transformation from its Touch Diamond2 roots, AT&T's Tilt 2 is very much a Touch Pro2 for look and feel. Given our past experiences with the device, we'd say that'll suit the phone's business-oriented clientele just fine -- it's not like you'd want to turn it into a "fun" phone by coating it in wacky colors and preloading it with every social networking client this side of Orkut, after all. We didn't have a ton of time to pore over the interface, but we get the impression that TouchFLO is largely intact (though tweaked by AT&T, naturally) and the keyboard's different than what you'll find on the generic European version -- the top row is all symbols with a numeric pad (a little staggered, unfortunately) near the right side. Check out a few more sexily-lit shots in the gallery.

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