Join me as I brave my way through lands unknown in an adventure dictated entirely by you, the Massively readers! Vote for everything from game played to character creation to ultimate goal and watch it unfold in a series of journals and galleries here on the site. Then, as the ultimate goal is reached, we'll do it all over again in a new game!

Last week we ended our Lord of the Rings Online edition of Choose my Adventure with the retirement of Gibbi the Hobbit in his very own hobbit hole. This week, the votes have been counted and it appears that Dungeons and Dragons Online will be the next game in which I'll spend the next two months. I'm excited to make my way through DDO, especially since it's the first game in this series that I haven't played beyond level 10, and it will also be fun to try it out since it has re-released as a free-to-play.

So follow along after the jump for a set of polls that will determine character creation and play style throughout my adventures in DDO: Unlimited.
First, we will determine the server. You can either pick a server you already play on, or choose one you think would be best for a new player to explore.
CmA DDO: Which server?
Ghallanda186 (12.0%)
Argonnessen229 (14.8%)
Cannith301 (19.4%)
Thelanis253 (16.3%)
Sarlona175 (11.3%)
Khyber405 (26.1%)

Next is the class. All of the classes in DDO are available to free accounts except the Monk and the Favored Soul. From here I will pick the path, since they branch off for each class, and a poll for that would be more like a flow chart.
CmA DDO: Which class?
Fighter99 (6.0%)
Barbarian131 (7.9%)
Paladin203 (12.3%)
Monk*102 (6.2%)
Sorcerer133 (8.1%)
Cleric207 (12.5%)
Wizard136 (8.2%)
Favored Soul*104 (6.3%)
Ranger218 (13.2%)
Rogue154 (9.3%)
Bard164 (9.9%)

The races of DDO are common to anyone familiar with the classic high fantasy setting. All races are available to free accounts except Warforged and Drow Elf.
CmA DDO: Race?
Human494 (30.9%)
Elf281 (17.6%)
Halfling239 (14.9%)
Dwarf293 (18.3%)
Warforged*156 (9.7%)
Drow Elf*138 (8.6%)

Do you want me to play as a male or female? In the game, I mean.
CmA DDO: Gender?
Male976 (61.7%)
Female607 (38.3%)

What type of budget do you want me to maintain as a guideline throughout the game? This is very important because you could want me to play entirely free content only (in which case the races and classes with asterisks would be not applicable), or keep up with a precise budget of DDO store purchases to help me along. [Edit: Added in the 2-month sub option, which unlocks everything]
CmA DDO: Budget?
Free content only730 (44.6%)
$6.25 spending limit (400 points)68 (4.2%)
$11.99 spending limit (900 points)69 (4.2%)
$18.99 spending limit (1500 points)62 (3.8%)
$49.99 spending limit (5000 points)66 (4.0%)
2-month subscription ($30 - unlocks everything)640 (39.1%)

From here, I'll handle the look and name of the new character. Then on Wednesday, I will introduce you all to our newest adventurer as he or she prepares for battle. At that time, the real gameplay voting will begin and we'll start establishing groups of readers who may want to play along with me, exactly as we did in LotRO the last two months.

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