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Yanko Design opens store, oodles of concepts now on the market

Darren Murph

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Yanko Design is well known for digging up some of the most amazing, most commercializable concepts on the world wide web, and today the site has finally taken the next logical step. With every awesome mockup comes the inevitable question: "Yo, holmes -- where can I buy this?" With the grand opening of the YD Store, you can now exchange your currency for such luxuries as the d°light Huggable Pillow, Magnetic Spice Stand, Sorapot and Cloud Chair. We couldn't be happier to see some of these incredible designs ushered into the market place, and if you're feeling the same, you can give that read link a tap to enter a deep, dark world that's bound to drain your wallet dry. Have fun!

Update: Seems the site is getting battered at the moment, though we're sure they're buying more bandwidth as we speak. Right?

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