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Dell's rugged Latitude XT2 XFR tablet busts through the FCC


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Like the Thing to the Adamo XPS' Mister Fantastic, Dell's Latitude XT2 XFR tablet would rather impress someone by smashing things than sliding effortlessly into a bag (or envelop as it were), but we're guessing there's plenty of folks that are more than happy to have things that way. Somewhat curiously, however, Dell isn't doing much talking about this one itself on this seemingly convenient day, but the FCC thankfully is, thanks to a roundabout filing from Novatel. That latter detail of course means that this one will have plenty of wireless options (including 3G), but it otherwise looks to basically be a beefed-up version of Dell's existing Latitude XT2 -- and, incidentally, Dell's first rugged tablet.

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