Sure, the DROID's getting all the attention today, but you might recall that it's not the only thing Verizon has in the pipe has it preps its first Android assault -- HTC's got the Droid Eris in there somewhere, too, which is shaping up to be little more than a branded Hero in a slightly different shell. Against the insanely-spec'd DROID, that may not be a drool-worthy proposition, but fortunately, it's looking like Verizon is going to be pursuing an aggressive tiered pricing strategy that might allow these phones to coexist in peace and everlasting harmony: unlike the DROID's $199 sticker, gdgt has it on good authority that the Droid Eris will run a hundie less at $99. That spanks Sprint's version which currently runs $179.99, but hey, if this means we're going to see a price war down in the 528MHz trenches for the Android midrange, we're all for it.

[Image via AndroidGuys]

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