Screen Actors Guild rejects video game voice deal

The Screen Actors Guild has rejected a new video game voice actor contract, while the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists has approved the deal. Variety reports that the "thesps" (stop it, Variety) of the SAG have asked "vidgame" (seriously, stop it, Variety!) employers to come back to the bargaining table. Scott Witlin, who represents the employers, isn't sure if the companies are willing to negotiate.

The main opposition in the contract appears to revolve around the "atmospheric" provision, which allows employers to use actors in 20 voice roles, for up to 300 words, at the "daily base rate" of $782 for four hours of work. That means Nolan North might not just be the lead in your next video game, but play every character in the adventure -- we wonder how his falsetto is for female voices.

[Via Big Download]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.