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AT&T 'hits' back at Verizon's Map for That campaign with an 'ad' of its own


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Boy, AT&T sure isn't taking Verizon's Map for That campaign too well. After losing a request for an injunction (for now), the company seems to have decided that the only thing to do in the short term is to start advertising right back at Verizon. Unfortunately, it looks like AT&T threw this one together in a hurry, grabbing a bucket of magnets and a board and sticking them into some abandoned warehouse with Luke Wilson and some Apple-ad-style music. Luke didn't even have time to shave! As for the claims made by Luke's magnetic board, it's hard to take issue with them since they don't really say lot. So AT&T's present and accounted for in this newly minted ad war, but Verizon clearly still has the upper hand... though this is clearly just the beginning. Check out the 30 second spot after the break.

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