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Latest AT&T spot calls Verizon's 3G network a headless, sluggish wannabe

Darren Murph

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We hate to point out the obvious, but it really seems that the marketing gurus at AT&T have this all wrong. Look guys -- no one's debating that AT&T's 3G isn't the fastest where available. We even saw as much ourselves. But Verizon's recent slew of ads have been calling out the size of your 3G network, which you absolutely can't argue is incredibly small when placed next to red-tinted competition. That said, AT&T is still fighting a battle to which no one has challenged it by employing the admittedly quirky Luke Wilson to show off just how much faster his favorite network can download a JPEG of himself compared to VZW. We've got to say that the results are fairly hilarious, but frankly, we would've rather seen that huge ad buy go towards a few more 3G towers here in the US of A. Vid's after the break, per usual.

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