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PopCap files 'Robodojo' trademark, we contact DEA

Popcap Games, developer and publisher of broken homes, recently filed a trademark for Robodojo. The trademark, dug up by Superannuation, doesn't sound as intriguing as YetiTrain, but mixing robots and dojos sounds almost as intriguing as zombies and -- erm, plants?

When contacted for comment, a Popcap representative told Joystiq, "We don't comment on such things, sorry. As you know, our games take years to build, so this one, if indeed it ends up using that [trademarked] name, is still quite a ways away." Yes, yes, that's all fine and good, but as a public service we need to let the Drug Enforcement Agency know whether it should be keeping an eye out for YetiTrain or Robodojo.