Okay, well here we go. Michael Arrington says he filed a lawsuit yesterday against Fusion Garage over the CrunchPad / Joojoo situation, and he's helpfully provided a copy of the complaint, which alleges false advertising, breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation of business ideas, fraud, and unlawful business practices. You'll notice that list doesn't include any breach of contract or intellectual property claims -- a fair departure from what Michael said he'd be suing over, but not entirely surprising since it doesn't seem like there was any contract here at all. Let's take a quick skim through the rest of the complaint, shall we?
So those are the basic facts from the TechCrunch side -- now let's look at the actual claims of the lawsuit. They're pretty wild, as these things go.
That's not a small lawsuit, and Arrington's lawyers certainly have their work cut out for them -- we don't think any of these claims can be won quickly, easily, or cheaply. That means Fusion Garage is also going to be on the hook for some big bills as well -- Chandra better hope the Joojoo has some, uh, juju.

(Interestingly, we don't see any record of the case with the Northern District of California yet, but we're assuming it just got held up while Winston and Strawn put some finishing touches on the complaint. We'll let you know when the case is actually filed.)